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Amelia’s blog

Hi everyone!

Welcome to this section of my website which is a little bit different from the other parts! As I write this, I have not long finished the final exam of the undergraduate LLB, so I have a little extra free time. My free time also stems from the COVID-19 pandemic! (May 2020). This section of the website will be more informal and contain posts of different collaborations that I get up to, what I’ve been doing during quarantine and the summer, events that I’m attending and so on. I hope you enjoy my content!

I’m hoping this will give you a little bit more insight into who I am and what I get up to regularly. I’ll be sharing my experiences throughout the DPLP (Scottish equivalent of the LPC) and look forward to engaging more with my readers! I’m also hoping that posting about any events or collaborations will encourage you to attend the events and build your network!

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