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Video Interviews: Overview

Hi everyone! Welcome to this blog on a quick overview of video interviews. If this is a bit basic for you, skip ahead to the blogs below for tips on video professionalism and questions. If you’re still here, here’s a quick overview of what to expect in a firm’s video interview before you start preparing:Continue reading “Video Interviews: Overview”

Video Professionalism

Welcome Welcome to this blog on all of my top tips for making the best impression in your video interview for a Vacation Scheme/Training Contract! Once you click on the link assigned to you by the firm, you only get one shot at the video interview! Firstly… Before you start, it’s worth keeping in mindContinue reading “Video Professionalism”

Interviews: Question Overview

Welcome to this blog on interview questions! The questions in an interview (video interview or at an assessment centre) will vary from firm to firm but I’ve compiled the most common questions here for you to give you a head start in your preparations! Video interviews: During the video interview, you will have the opportunityContinue reading “Interviews: Question Overview”