Staying motivated for university – heading into lockdown (again)

Hi everyone! It’s now the start of 2021 and although we can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel, there is still a little way to go. This has been especially concerning for students heading back to university soon whilst more and more parts of the UK facing tougher lockdown restrictions. UponContinue reading “Staying motivated for university – heading into lockdown (again)”

Navigating Virtual Events – CMS Webinar

Last week, I had the pleasure of sitting on the panel of a CMS webinar titled “How to Navigate a Virtual Event”, alongside my colleagues Akil Hunte and Idin Sabahipour. This was a particularly busy webinar because with many events now moving online (firm open days, law fairs, employer presentations etc.), it’s important for youContinue reading “Navigating Virtual Events – CMS Webinar”

The Modern Judiciary – online course

Hi everyone! I recently completed an online course on FutureLearn called “The Modern Judiciary: Who They Are, What They Do and Why it Matters”. The course was run by James Lee of The Dickson Poon School of Law at King’s College London and explores the role of judges in the UK, their daily business, courtContinue reading “The Modern Judiciary – online course”

Law School: Steps to Success

I was recently invited by the Aberdeen University Commercial Law Society to sit on a webinar panel titled “Law School: Steps to Success”, alongside Harry Clark and Dylan Kawende. This webinar was focused on three main topics: commercial awareness, Vacation Scheme/Training Contract application processes and networking. There was a lot covered by myself, Harry andContinue reading “Law School: Steps to Success”

From Potential to Practice: Commercial Awareness

I recently had the pleasure of sitting on the panel of a commercial awareness webinar organised by Pietra Diaz, a Law student at the University of Warwick. I was joined on the panel by two incredible barristers. Firstly, I was joined by Lawrence Power, Head of Chambers at Whitestone Chambers – you can find hisContinue reading “From Potential to Practice: Commercial Awareness”

Diversity and Inclusion: how are law firms changing?

I recently had the pleasure of attending a webinar chaired by Matthew Berrick of The Legal Line Up with a wide variety of panellists on the topic of diversity and inclusion. The panel consisted of Daniel Winterfeldt QC, Scott Halliday, Sana Shafi and Blaise Nsenguwera – each panellist is at a different stage in theirContinue reading “Diversity and Inclusion: how are law firms changing?”

Cross-border legal issues which arise – even when staying at home!

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending a webinar hosted by Dr Kirsty J Hood QC of Themis Advocates. The title of the webinar was “Cross-border legal issues which arise – even when staying at home!” which discussed the legal implications of a variety of activities taking place, despite lockdown/the pandemic. If you haven’tContinue reading “Cross-border legal issues which arise – even when staying at home!”

SYLA’s Women in Law Event 2020

Back in March, I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Scottish Young Lawyers’ Association (SYLA) annual Women in Law event! SYLA is a non-profit organisation run by young lawyers, for young lawyers and they host a wide variety of events throughout the year! CLICK HERE to check your eligibility to sign up for freeContinue reading “SYLA’s Women in Law Event 2020”

CMS Webinar – Open(ish) for Business

Earlier this week, I attended a CMS Webinar titled “Open(ish) for Business: lessons learned one week into retail’s reopening”. It was a review by Stephen Scott (partner), Laura Cole (associate) and Rebecca Hilditch (associate) of the CMS real estate team of the reopening of the retail sector in England. What is immediately interesting is thatContinue reading “CMS Webinar – Open(ish) for Business”

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