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Group exercise

Welcome to this blog on my top tips for the group exercise! These are becoming more common for commercial firms to assess your ability to work as part of a team. What are the observers assessing? The starting point is knowing what the observers in your group exercise are looking for. They may be trainees,Continue reading “Group exercise”

Assessment centre: overview

Welcome to this blog on an overview of assessment centres! Every firm has a slightly different recruitment process but here, you’ll find an overview of the most common exercises that you may encounter on your day. There are links throughout to more detailed blogs on the individual exercises. 1 – Group exercise You will probablyContinue reading “Assessment centre: overview”

Interviews: Question Overview

Welcome to this blog on interview questions! The questions in an interview (video interview or at an assessment centre) will vary from firm to firm but I’ve compiled the most common questions here for you to give you a head start in your preparations! Video interviews: During the video interview, you will have the opportunityContinue reading “Interviews: Question Overview”