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Converting a Vacation Scheme into a Training Contract

Hello readers! I hope you are all keeping well in these hectic times. I was recently invited by The Legal Mile to host a webinar to share my top tips on converting a Vacation Scheme into a Training Contract. This also applies to those participating in work placement schemes or work experience trying to gainContinue reading “Converting a Vacation Scheme into a Training Contract”

Navigating Virtual Events – CMS Webinar

Last week, I had the pleasure of sitting on the panel of a CMS webinar titled “How to Navigate a Virtual Event”, alongside my colleagues Akil Hunte and Idin Sabahipour. This was a particularly busy webinar because with many events now moving online (firm open days, law fairs, employer presentations etc.), it’s important for youContinue reading “Navigating Virtual Events – CMS Webinar”

Standing out in a (virtual/remote/online) Vacation Scheme

Hi everyone! With the current pandemic going on, many firms are moving their summer vacation schemes online. I’ve been asked for my advice and top tips on how to be successful in turning the experience into a Training Contract. Admittedly, I haven’t ever completed an online vacation scheme before. However, after some brainstorming with peers,Continue reading “Standing out in a (virtual/remote/online) Vacation Scheme”

Group exercise

Welcome to this blog on my top tips for the group exercise! These are becoming more common for commercial firms to assess your ability to work as part of a team. What are the observers assessing? The starting point is knowing what the observers in your group exercise are looking for. They may be trainees,Continue reading “Group exercise”

Free practice tests!

There are loads of free practice tests out there so I’ve created this blog with some of the links you’ll need. There are also tests you can pay for (you’ll see these in the links below too) but having worked your way through the list here, you should have a pretty good idea! I’ve splitContinue reading “Free practice tests!”

Online testing: overview

Online tests. Aptitude tests. Psychometric tests. All different names for essential the same test – a scary one. The next stage in most Vacation Scheme or Training Contract applications is a test of some sorts. Different firms use different tests such as the GMA test or a Watson Glaser test. However, they’re all timed! ThisContinue reading “Online testing: overview”

Commercial awareness

Those dreaded words. I get asked a lot about “what is commercial awareness?” and “how do I become commercially aware?”. Commercial awareness is a skill you must have going in to certain applications and definitely by the time you get to an assessment centre or interview. What is ‘commercial awareness’? Commercial awareness is (probably) bestContinue reading “Commercial awareness”

What are firms looking for?

A popular question when it comes to online applications and how to write a good one centres around the question of “what are firms looking for?”. This depends on the firm’s values, culture and dynamic but this blog is going to walk you through some of the general ones and how to write the bestContinue reading “What are firms looking for?”