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What are firms looking for?

A popular question when it comes to online applications and how to write a good one centres around the question of “what are firms looking for?”. This depends on the firm’s values, culture and dynamic but this blog is going to walk you through some of the general ones and how to write the bestContinue reading “What are firms looking for?”

Effective firm research

So, we all know that when you’re applying to firms, you must be able to carry out research about the firm, its clients and the work that they carry out. You also need to be able to research which firms you want to apply to and why. There is such an amass of information onContinue reading “Effective firm research”

How many Vacation Schemes/Training Contracts should I apply for?

There is a balance between applying to 1 Vacation Scheme or Training Contract and applying to 100. The right answer lies in there somewhere. I believe that it’s somewhere around 7. 1 – Attendance I always emphasise how important it is to visit the firms you’re applying to. This could be Open Days, Insight EveningsContinue reading “How many Vacation Schemes/Training Contracts should I apply for?”

What would I have done differently if writing vacation scheme applications again?

One of my LinkedIn connections asked me what I would have done differently in the next cycle of applications. I thought this was a great questions for a number of reasons but primarily because since I wasn’t going to apply for more Vacation Schemes (since I have already signed my Training Contract) I hadn’t yetContinue reading “What would I have done differently if writing vacation scheme applications again?”

Online Applications

Welcome to the first step of securing a Vacation Scheme or Training Contract! In this blog you’ll find my top tips when it comes to online applications. Keeping track of deadlines My top tip for keeping track of application deadlines is to create a spreadsheet/table/equivalent which contains the name of the firm, the deadline, andContinue reading “Online Applications”

Top 3 tips when applying to Vacation Schemes

Hi everyone! The most common question I get asked on LinkedIn is what my top tips are when applying to Vacation Schemes or Training Contracts. This post is going to give you my general top 3 tips of the overall process but have a look at my other blogs for specific tips on each stageContinue reading “Top 3 tips when applying to Vacation Schemes”