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Free practice tests!

There are loads of free practice tests out there so I’ve created this blog with some of the links you’ll need. There are also tests you can pay for (you’ll see these in the links below too) but having worked your way through the list here, you should have a pretty good idea! I’ve splitContinue reading “Free practice tests!”

Online testing: overview

Online tests. Aptitude tests. Psychometric tests. All different names for essential the same test – a scary one. The next stage in most Vacation Scheme or Training Contract applications is a test of some sorts. Different firms use different tests such as the GMA test or a Watson Glaser test. However, they’re all timed! ThisContinue reading “Online testing: overview”

Top 3 tips when applying to Vacation Schemes

Hi everyone! The most common question I get asked on LinkedIn is what my top tips are when applying to Vacation Schemes or Training Contracts. This post is going to give you my general top 3 tips of the overall process but have a look at my other blogs for specific tips on each stageContinue reading “Top 3 tips when applying to Vacation Schemes”