CMS Webinar – Open(ish) for Business

Earlier this week, I attended a CMS Webinar titled “Open(ish) for Business: lessons learned one week into retail’s reopening”. It was a review by Stephen Scott (partner), Laura Cole (associate) and Rebecca Hilditch (associate) of the CMS real estate team of the reopening of the retail sector in England. What is immediately interesting is thatContinue reading “CMS Webinar – Open(ish) for Business”

CMS Webinar – COVID-19: The New Normal?

This webinar was the final webinar in this CMS series and included presentations by three CMS partners: Eleanor Lane, Sally Badham and Michael Cavers. All three partners normally work out of different CMS offices and in different sectors. This was a really interesting webinar with each partner discussing their own journey at CMS, how COVID-19Continue reading “CMS Webinar – COVID-19: The New Normal?”

Standing out in a (virtual/remote/online) Vacation Scheme

Hi everyone! With the current pandemic going on, many firms are moving their summer vacation schemes online. I’ve been asked for my advice and top tips on how to be successful in turning the experience into a Training Contract. Admittedly, I haven’t ever completed an online vacation scheme before. However, after some brainstorming with peers,Continue reading “Standing out in a (virtual/remote/online) Vacation Scheme”

The impact of COVID-19 and the current workplace climate

Hi everyone! I hope this blog finds you safe and well during this pandemic. This blog is in response to some LinkedIn messages I’ve received recently (thank you to the connections for reaching out to me) and I thought it would be useful to have a blog written for ease of accessibility. The questions areContinue reading “The impact of COVID-19 and the current workplace climate”

Latham & Watkins Mergers and Acquisitions virtual internship

Hi everyone! After posting about completing the Latham & Watkins virtual internship with InsideSherpa, I got a lot of LinkedIn messages asking for more information about what the internship entails, how it’s conducted and what I learned from it. So, the rest of this blog is dedicated to answering those questions. It should be notedContinue reading “Latham & Watkins Mergers and Acquisitions virtual internship”

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