Applications for Open Days and Insight Evenings

Firms will often hold information days/evenings in their office during the application season. These are sometimes called Open Days, Insight Evenings, Firm Presentations and so on. They may invite you to their office for a presentation followed by some networking or it could an informal networking session. I’ve also seen a few ‘Pizza and Prosecco’ and ‘Bubbles and Truffles’ events too!

Some of these events you can just sign up for, but some may involve you sending off an application form and/or your CV. This is because the event may have limited spaces so firms want to make sure the spots are allocated to the best people.

So, the question is, how do you write a good application? Here are my top tips!

1 – Don’t be too vague and generic

Whilst the point of these events is for you to gain a more in-depth understanding into the firm’s work, structure and culture, don’t have your application say “I’m here to learn more about the firm”. Guess what? EVERYONE’S application will say this.

The whole point of having an application process for these events is because there is a limited number of spaces and that the spaces are allotted to the best people.

So, research about the event – is there a particular sector you’d like to find more out on? Are you there to network and meet people within the firm? What kind of event is the firm holding and why would you be a good fit?

2 – Why this firm in particular?

It’s likely to be the case that you’re interested in applying to the firm’s Vacation Scheme or Training Contract – but why?

What is so special about this particular firm that makes you want to apply there rather than a competitor firm? Why is attending the event going to be beneficial to you? Be specific!

3 – Be on the ball

Some firms may review applications for these events on a rolling basis (first come, first served). This means that you’ll need to be quick to send in your application but without compromising on the time you are spending on the application and its quality.

If there is a set deadline, make sure you’re leaving enough time to review your applications. After all, this is likely the first time you’ll be in contact with the firm and you’ll want to make a good impression.

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Good luck!

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