Interviews: Question Overview

Welcome to this blog on interview questions!

The questions in an interview (video interview or at an assessment centre) will vary from firm to firm but I’ve compiled the most common questions here for you to give you a head start in your preparations!

Video interviews:

During the video interview, you will have the opportunity to see /read/hear the question and then time to prepare your answer. Keep a notebook/paper and pen handing so you can jot down your thoughts. You could prepare answers to your questions in a spider diagram or flashcards. Always use up all of the allotted preparation time and if you have spare time, you can start practising aloud.

Assessment centre interviews:

This interview will likely be with a partner, the graduate recruitment team or a panel of both. Unlike the video interview, you cannot have any flashcards with you! Make sure you have really strong examples to the most common interview questions and try and have a couple examples for each question (in case you use up that example for a previous question!).

The type of questions

Most law firms will use a mix of questions which include:

  1. Questions about the firm
  2. Questions about the position you’re applying for
  3. Questions about yourself
  4. Scenario-based questions

1 – Questions about the firm

  • Tell us what you know about us
  • Why are you interested in this firm?
  • What makes us different from our competitors?
  • Why are you interested in commercial law/family law/criminal law etc?

2 – Questions about the position

  • Why are you applying for this Vacation Scheme/Training Contract?
  • What makes our Vacation Scheme/Training Contract unique?
  • Why makes you a good fit for this position?

3 – Questions about yourself

  • Give us examples of a time you were under-pressure and how you handled it
  • What qualities do you think would make you a good solicitor?
  • Give us examples of your teamwork/organisation skills

4 – Scenario-based questions

  • If you’re running out of time to complete your tasks, what do you do?
  • If you’re in an ‘elevator pitch’, what are our key selling points?

Prepare in advance…

Try and prepare as many answers as you can in advance, the more you prepare, the smoother the interview will go.

Good luck!

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