Top 3 tips when applying to Vacation Schemes

Hi everyone!

The most common question I get asked on LinkedIn is what my top tips are when applying to Vacation Schemes or Training Contracts. This post is going to give you my general top 3 tips of the overall process but have a look at my other blogs for specific tips on each stage of the application process.

1 – Research

Research the firm you’re applying to. Know their practice areas/sectors, their clients, and visit open days/firm presentations/insight evenings. Attending such events and speaking to partners, trainees and the recruitment team is the best way to learn about the firm’s culture and what they can offer you as a candidate. Your university law fair is your best starting point to meet a wide range of firms and organisations. Take their brochures to keep track of application deadlines!

Click on the button to have a look at my blog on how to carry out effective firm research.

2 – Commercial Awareness

Be commercially aware. These are dreaded words but incredibly important. You need to know how the firm, or its clients, may be affected or influenced by what is going on around the world. Download the BBC News app for updates on areas and follow the firm’s social media (especially LinkedIn) to keep up with their work!

Click on the button to have a look at my blog on commercial awareness.

3 – Practice!

Practice, practice, practice. Online tests are not easy. Doing a video interview for the first time can be daunting. The only way to get around these hurdles is to practice. Seek out practice guides for the tests and fully utilise the practice time you are given at the start of video interviews. It’s worthwhile filming yourself answering a mock question to pick up on any distracting habits, e.g. fidgeting, playing with hair, losing eye contact, before going ahead with the video interview. 

Good luck!

Take your time and have a look through my blogs on each stage of the application process. Let me know if you have any questions!

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