Interviews: Question Overview

Welcome to this blog on interview questions! The questions in an interview (video interview or at an assessment centre) will vary from firm to firm but I’ve compiled the most common questions here for you to give you a head start in your preparations! Video interviews: During the video interview, you will have the opportunityContinue reading “Interviews: Question Overview”

The key to obtaining a Vacation Scheme

Probably THE most common question I get is “what is the key to obtaining a Vacation Scheme”? I’m a believer that there isn’t one single ‘key’ that will make you successful in all of your Vacation Scheme applications but, there is one underlying theme: FINDING THE RIGHT FIRM FOR YOU For me, once you’re applyingContinue reading “The key to obtaining a Vacation Scheme”

Online Applications

Welcome to the first step of securing a Vacation Scheme or Training Contract! In this blog you’ll find my top tips when it comes to online applications. Keeping track of deadlines My top tip for keeping track of application deadlines is to create a spreadsheet/table/equivalent which contains the name of the firm, the deadline, andContinue reading “Online Applications”

Top 3 tips when applying to Vacation Schemes

Hi everyone! The most common question I get asked on LinkedIn is what my top tips are when applying to Vacation Schemes or Training Contracts. This post is going to give you my general top 3 tips of the overall process but have a look at my other blogs for specific tips on each stageContinue reading “Top 3 tips when applying to Vacation Schemes”

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