CMS Vacation Scheme application process

I get quite a few questions about CMS and their Vacation Scheme recruitment process. Having gone through the entire process myself in 2018/2019, I’m happy to answer any more questions about CMS. Before we start, here are a few points:

1 – Where can I get more information about CMS?

  • Campus Brand Ambassadors
  • Email the Early Talent Acquisition Team:
  • Trainees, or others who have gone through the process (I’m sure they’d be happy to help)
  • Myself

2 – Where can I meet CMS?

  • University Law Fair
  • Employer Presentations – see the CMS graduates website for dates of an event near you

**I will be attending the Aberdeen Employer Presentation on October 10th 2019 so please come and say hi if you’re around!**

As a overview, there are 4 stages to the recruitment process:

1 – Online application

This stage involves filling in the online form with your personal details, work experience details and some skills questions. Click on the button for my blog for help on online applications. If you’ve visited the firm at the Employer Presentation or met them at the law fair, you’ll have a deeper insight into the firm and therefore, a more detailed application.

You must tailor your application to CMS and really get across why you would like to work for CMS on their Vacation Scheme. Have a look at this blog for why I applied to the CMS Vacation Scheme.

2 – Online testing

If you’re successful in the first screening of your application, you’ll be invited to complete an online test. You will have to complete the test by the given deadline. CMS use the Watson Glaser test (critical thinking/verbal reasoning) and you can click on the buttons below for more information on online tests:

The test is quite difficult and you must practice as many mock tests as you can beforehand.

3 – Video interview

The third stage of the recruitment is a video interview. This isn’t like a live Skype email, rather a pre-recorded interview. Have a look at the 3 blogs below for video interviews:

4 – Assessment centre

This is a half day spent at a CMS office where you’ll be assessed through a range of exercises. This is your time to really show CMS why you’re deserving of a Vacation Scheme place.

At CMS, the assessment day consists of 4 exercises: a case study, an interview, a group exercise and speed networking. Click on the buttons for some more detailed blogs:

Good luck!

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