Why I applied to CMS

One of the many questions I get is why I applied to CMS or what made me want to apply to their Vacation Scheme in particular.

Why CMS?

I applied to the CMS Academy because I was intrigued by their highly innovative, dynamic and forward-facing culture. They use some incredible legal tech and have a flexible approach to working – everyone uses Microsoft Surface Pros. Despite being the world’s sixth largest firm by headcount, I was impressed by the level of support and development given to vacation scheme students/trainees as well as the opportunities for secondments in a different CMS office or with a client.

What makes CMS different?

The CMS vacation scheme is different because it consists of a week of ‘Business Law Training’ in London followed by a 2-week internship at your chosen location. For me, this investment in students was encouraging to see and distinguished CMS from other global firms.

To me, having spoken to CMS trainees and the Early Talent Acquisition Team and attended CMS events, I was attracted to CMS for the open and collaborative culture. It gives the firm that welcoming feel to encourage you to succeed, rather than compete with your peers.

Why I was drawn to the Academy

I was drawn to the Academy for a number of reasons, as well as CMS as a firm. It is worth noting that CMS generally only recruits its trainees from the Academy so if you are looking for a training contract with CMS, the Academy is the best starting point!

The Academy is unique in more ways than one and we can see this in the first week of Academy in London. As I am based in the Edinburgh office, it’s really exciting that I had the opportunity to go down to the London office and spend such an innovative and creative week there.

The Academy also allows you to get stuck in with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives at CMS which is a big part of the culture here and everyone is encouraged to get involved! I knew that the quality of work during the Vacation Scheme would be of a high standard and give me the best insight into the life of a trainee at CMS.

Ready to apply to CMS?

Some quick advice:

The best online applications are those that are tailored to CMS which means don’t copy and paste application questions from one firm to another, every firm has different values and vary in culture. Carry out research about the firm you are applying to and consider how your experiences and values may align with that of the firm!

Attend CMS events such as the Employer Presentation and Skills Insight Days (how to write good applications) or visit their stall at university law fairs to find out more about the firm and what opportunities are on offer. If you have any questions, the Early Talent Acquisition team are only an email away!


Please do have a look through the blogs on this website and let me know if you have any questions!

Good luck!

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