How many Vacation Schemes/Training Contracts should I apply for?

There is a balance between applying to 1 Vacation Scheme or Training Contract and applying to 100.

The right answer lies in there somewhere. I believe that it’s somewhere around 7.

1 – Attendance

I always emphasise how important it is to visit the firms you’re applying to. This could be Open Days, Insight Evenings and so on. It’s well known that better knowledge of the firm makes for better and more insightful applications.

Realistically, you will not be able to go to all the firms you want to apply to. You won’t have the time and sometimes dates will clash. Hence, it is unlikely that you will be able to visit more than 7 firm events.

2 – Research

Your applications must be tailored to each individual firm – this means no copying and pasting answers from one firm’s application to another.

If you’re applying to too many Vacation Schemes or Training Contracts, the quality of research for each application will decrease and the time you have available to spend on each application will also decrease. This really is a ‘quality over quantity’ situation.

3 – Time Management

Generally, the deadline for Vacation Schemes (Training Contracts tend to vary a bit more from firm to firm) is the last week in December or the first week in January.

This means that from the start of term in September/October, you only have 3-ish months to get all your applications in. Many universities have exams in November/December and then of course there is the Christmas and New Year period. So, it’s likely to be very full on and very busy.

Therefore, it’ll become clear that you really do not have the time to apply to every firm under the sun and you must use your time wisely.

Be wise

Be wise with your time and resources. Only apply to the firms that you are interested in and will fit in well.

Click below to find the blog on how to choose the right firm for you so you’re not wasting precious time:

Good luck!

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