How many Vacation Schemes/Training Contracts should I apply for?

There is a balance between applying to 1 Vacation Scheme or Training Contract and applying to 100. The right answer lies in there somewhere. I believe that it’s somewhere around 7. 1 – Attendance I always emphasise how important it is to visit the firms you’re applying to. This could be Open Days, Insight EveningsContinue reading “How many Vacation Schemes/Training Contracts should I apply for?”

The key to obtaining a Vacation Scheme

Probably THE most common question I get is “what is the key to obtaining a Vacation Scheme”? I’m a believer that there isn’t one single ‘key’ that will make you successful in all of your Vacation Scheme applications but, there is one underlying theme: FINDING THE RIGHT FIRM FOR YOU For me, once you’re applyingContinue reading “The key to obtaining a Vacation Scheme”

What would I have done differently if writing vacation scheme applications again?

One of my LinkedIn connections asked me what I would have done differently in the next cycle of applications. I thought this was a great questions for a number of reasons but primarily because since I wasn’t going to apply for more Vacation Schemes (since I have already signed my Training Contract) I hadn’t yetContinue reading “What would I have done differently if writing vacation scheme applications again?”

CMS Vacation Scheme application process

I get quite a few questions about CMS and their Vacation Scheme recruitment process. Having gone through the entire process myself in 2018/2019, I’m happy to answer any more questions about CMS. Before we start, here are a few points: 1 – Where can I get more information about CMS? Campus Brand Ambassadors Email theContinue reading “CMS Vacation Scheme application process”

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